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Welcome! New Users Aspiring Stock market Traders!

    This section of the website will be to address frequently asked questions and Further explain in detail the given subjects! book mark this website it will come in handy as a reference thru out your stock market Journey.

                             Chatrooms (find me in Tim Silver room) ->

                                                                        Educational Dvd's ->

Welcome to the Family! There is a vast Library of content for you to go thru that comes with your Silver membership make sure you make use of it! many of the questions you might have are answered in the video lessons located here -->

The Stock Trading Chat room has Rules in place during Stock Market Hours that is 9:30am - 4:00pm NY time. After 4pm NY time No Rules! But be Nice to each other =) Full list of the Chat room Rules can be located here --->

These Rules are in Place so that Stock Traders around the World experience good Quality Stock Alerts that alert Momentum, Breaking News, Hit pieces, Upgrades, Downgrades, Filings or Any meaningful Market moving news. Please understand and respect the seasoned veterans in the room, they like to keep to themselves But when they see the room is on topic and organized they might share their trades ideas with All. The Room Rules can be found here  --------   --->

Do not Blindly follow Anyone at All the Goal is to Learn/Study enough that it makes you an independent Trader over Time.

Alerts by Anyone are not meant to be Followed instead they are for educational purposes Only so you may learn why a user or Guru has entered a ticker and the reasoning behind it example support resistance levels, pattern, price action, level 2, news/catalyst etc.

Do not belittle Any user Big or Small we can all learn allitle something from anyone as long as we keep an open mind, be humble if not the markets will humble you.

The room is not for public questions during market hours, we understand you want to learn But questions can be asked to moderators or adminstrators in Red in private by sending Private messages, to Private message do the Following:                1. Right click Red username         2. click "Private message" 

If you are using an ipad or such touch screen device then:   1. Touch and hold user name in Red until similar pop-up appears      2. touch "private message"     NOTE: you have to follow this process each time

you send Any Red username a private message or multiple messages.


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