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Scanners Pre-market, During etc.

A Fast way to find the Most Active stocks/%Gainers thru out the day is by using scanners and or website services, But the fastest most updated way is using a scanner that is integrated with your Brokers Platform! regardless of what Broker you use even if its not a Broker mentioned in Recommended blog post.

Here is a simple scan preset pic -->

And for Tim Silver subscribers here are 2 good links:

How Tim finds the stocks he trades

How Tim sets up his screens

What a scanner looks for according to your settings is Volume, Price, change in % keeping this in mind, you will be able to tailor your scanner to best meet your trading needs.

Here is a good link/vid on setting up scanner settings with IB -->

When setting up your scanner do not forget that scanning premarket requires you to look for less dollar volume than when you are scanning during the market open, so make sure you adjust your scanner accordingly after 9:30am NY time.

here is another good link on using a scanner to find stocks breaking out to new highs -->

Now if for some reason you do not have access to a broker for now you can also use web services to find most active stock as mentioned in the beginning.

Yahoo finance has a section for that located here --->

just click on "more" att he bottom of the list and it keeps giving you more tickers but usually the most active are among the first list. Remember you are looking under " % Gainers"

Stock charts Also has a similar section and they divide it by exchange here is the link -->

FInviz also has a section for %gainers and other type of configurable scans link -->


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