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Promoters, Newsletters etc.

    Many ask time and time again who are the Best ones to sign up too who are worth the time of an email and following their picks etc.

   Not all are the same, there are really bad ones to the Best and in between but to find them you have to sign up and see how they perform and judge by the price action, the thing is, that the really good ones are not really around anymore truthfully the Block is Hot figuratively and literally speaking lol =)

So there isnt much goin on anymore, But there is opportunity elsewhere, that is a very good reason why you should be prepared with the right knowledge such as using the scanners as spoken about in the " Scanners Pre-market etc." Blog.

The use of these scanners can give you an edge over the ones who do not take the time to read and or figure out how to use the scanners, therefore you have a slight edge when you use these tools, you will be able to find what is moving with the most volume at any given time that you run the scans.

If at later time there are newsletters that seem to be worth keeping on your watchlist and such then I will update this section accordingly. 

Update on 7/28/2017

I have noticed that the Email Alerts from Fortune Stock Alerts have been getting a decent Morning opening spike, something I have not seen in a while, well still not like back in the days But def Alot more than what's has been happening lately etc So they might be Worth a Look at. So to Sign up to their Alerts sign up here

Also Awesome Stock Tips seems to be getting decent Morning spikes you can Sign up here 

UPDATE 8/10/13 

I noticed today that there was a Very Niice opening spike on a Ticker that I got notice from The Wolf of Pennystocks headliner was " The Wolf is Back"! It was an impressive opening spike in my humble opinion so I am now adding them on here and will be looking forward to their Next picks you can sign up here at the following page:

Please if you know of another one I should Add here send me an email at

I really Appreciate it. 

Note to the Best Promoters out there!:

I will be signing up to news letters that I see and or hear or get recommended that actually have Significant opening spikes!. Now I will be using the

So it is in the best interest of All if you place it in a very good batch or V.I.P list the earlier you send it to me the better 👍 Please 👌 and I really Appreciate it, let the Future be Bright and Amazing!. If I get Really Good results from some of You I will be the First to be recommending You! Consistently 👍😎 

Note: I understand that there are others out there that are worth putting on this list but please send the recommended Promoter to me and I will look to see if it should be on the list, it does not even have to be an email you can send it thru the contact us section and you can remain anonymous =]


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