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What are the Best Brokers to Place Trades with?

Currently the Best Recommended Brokers are #1 Interactive Brokers here is a link to open account with them -->

The recommended version to use is the "traders work station" known as "TWS" Now they have a "classic" Style or "Mosaic" that is personal choice. Personally I like the "classic" version.

Keep in mind that when you First open the platform it is an almost blank Canvas, it is up to you to customize the tools within according to your style and your knowledge.

Interactive brokers platform can be a Very Powerful tool once you get the hang of how to use it and customize it. IB short for interactive brokers is geared towards Professionals quick video here -->

The minimum Deposit/cash required to open an account with them is $10,000 minimum.

If however you happen to be 25 years old or younger then you can open with $3,000 minimum

for further reference here is the link to required minimums with IB

Interactive Brokers Does enforce the PDT rule since it is a U.S broker.

But if you happen to Live in Canada then Interactive brokers does Not enforce the PDT rule for you! since it clears trades in Canada for Canadians Only.

IB is World Wide so among the Best Broker for Europe, UK, etc. as well and is among the Best with the lowest fees per transactions.

Number #2 in recommended Brokers is Etrade-Pro platform

Etrade-Pro is only good for those inside the U.S so if you live over seas then you wont be able to open an account.

Etrade pro platform has very good charting options and Tools easy to use for Novice traders it has level 2, scanners, news intergrated with CNBC World Business News

In my opinion Etrade-pro is a very good Tool to have as well and is good for Beginners

The fee for Etrade-pro is $100 a month or you can make 30 trades per quarter and they will waive the monthly fee, But if you do the math the required trades totals out to spending the same $100 a month fee for the platform.

The Minimum amount/deposit to open a Margin account with Etrade-Pro is $2,000

Etrade does enforce the PDT rule.

Number #3 Suretrader

Suretrader is an offshore broker meaning it is Not based in the  U.S therefore it does not enforce the PDT rule.

open suretrader account here  -->

Suretrader is good if you want to get around the PDT rule, they also have a low minimum/deposit requirement.  $500 account minimum.

Keep in mind that some experience frequent glitches and or issues with Suretrader, some say they have no problems and are Happy with them, regardless the experience with this broker seems to be all over the place so user be warned when opening an account But it is a good way to avoid the PDT rule.

Number #4 Centerpoint Securities

Open Centerpoint account here -->

Centerpoint Securities account minimum there is $30,000 - $50,000 This broker is also very good for fast executions and more routes when trading OTC stocks. But the Fees are higher than most Brokers, users must be aware But over All mostly Good Experiences with this broker. 

NOTE: There are many other Brokers out there, if you are using or used a broker that you like and would like to share your experience, please send info of the broker with similar data used in examples here and will more than likely Add it to the List. Keep in mind this is an ever evolving list and things can change brokers could be added or removed from list or order according to over all quality. for contact details look under "contact" use email service at bottom or use the email provided, Thank You.

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